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Bumper Plates Set - Beginner's (140lbs)

$325.00 CAD $360.00 CAD

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Overview: Introducing our Fit It Out Bumper Plates Set! The set includes a total of 10 plates (260lbs) and is perfect for anyone beginning their weightlifting journey or for advanced lifters who need a new set of plates.

Set includes:
- 4 x 10lbs
- 4 x 25lbs

- Plate thickness: 10LBS - 25.8mm / 25LBS - 48mm

- Hole diameter: 2 inches
- Plate diameter: 450mm
- Durometer (hardness): 10LBS: 90 - 95 / 25LBS: 80 - 90
- Weight accuracy - within 1%

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