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FIO Men's Olympic Barbell (20KG)

$295.00 $325.00

Overview: Smooth spin with moderate knurling provides a balanced grip.  This bar is a true Olympic barbell with IWF specs from our favourite factory. 

Nice Feature! While the knurling is grippy enough for your hands, the centre knurling is milder to protect your back and chest for squats. 

Bar load capacity: 1,500lbs (~680kg) 

PSI Tensile strength: 230K

Length: 7.2ft (2.2m)

Weight: 20kg (45lbs)

Shaft diameter: 28mm

Sleeve diameter: 50mm / 2inches

Bearings: 10NK needle bearings

Marking: Single-marked

Knurling: Mild-medium knurling with a mild centre knurl

Finish: Hardened Chrome

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