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Strongman Bag


Available in 100lbs, 150lbs and 250lbs sizes. Sand not included.  

 Overview: Our Strongman Bags are created with high quality materials that are designed to last. Ideal for building strength and conditioning, Strongman Bags can be used as an alternative to traditional weights. Choose from a range of weights starting from 100lbs - 250lbs.

Due to it's large size, there are multiple variations of how you can hold the bag. Whether you lift, carry, or bear hug the bag, it is built to withstand drops meaning that it can take the impact when you drop it after you complete your exercise.

*Please note that Strongman Bags are not meant to be slammed on the ground.

- Comes with filler bag that you place inside for extra durability

- Recommend using Sakrete play-sand available at Home Depot as the granules hold their size better.

- Great way to increase strength and conditioning
- Improves stability
- Increases core strength
- Material and handles allow for a comfortable grip

Types of Workouts:
- Clean and Press
- Weighted Squats
- Bent Over Rows

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