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Black Zinc Powerlifting Barbell


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Overview: This IPF standard barbell is a perfect addition for the serious lifter without breaking the bank. Enjoy a firm grip on the aggressive knurling for slower, more controlled bench presses, squats and deadlifts.

The black zinc coating is also an edgy touch on this barbell, keeping your workout equipment looking great, no matter how hard you go.

- Bar load capacity: 1,500lbs (~680kg)
- PSI Tensile strength: 215K
- Length: 7.2ft (2.2m)
- Weight: 20kg (45lbs) plus or minus 1%
- Shaft diameter: 29mm
- Sleeve diameter: 50mm / 2inches
- Bushings: 4 copper bushing
- Marking: IPF
- Knurling: Aggressive Volcanic knurling
- Finish: black zinc with hard chrome sleeves

Warranty:  1 year from Manufacturer.  Does not include wear and tear. 

Returns: Hassle-free return within 7 days.  If you're not happy, let us know.  We will help to replace or take back the product. 

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Customer Reviews

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David Druska
Excellent barbell

This barbell has excellent volcano (good) knurling. There is also knurling in the middle which is the same as the sides. Feels great to pick up. Looks like it’ll last forever with proper care. Would recommend.