Trap Hex Bar - 66IN


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Trap bars are an excellent lifting tool for beginners and intermediate lifters.  Trap bars are often used to support lifting where there may be mobility limitations or coming out of an injury. 

Trap or hex bars are used primarily for squats and deadlifts. 

The hexagonal shape and handles allows you to grip the bar at a comfortable position beside your legs rather than testing your straight barbell grip.  As you lower the bar, the hands continue to move on your sides helping to reduce strain on tight hips. 

Junior athletes will benefit greatly from utilizing trap bars early on in their training, and also when pushing their limits by taking out the mobility factor and allowing them to focus on higher weights. 

66 inch (1.6m) (Silver)

55lbs (25kg)

Inner width 22 inch

Inner depth (front to back) 22 inch

Sleeve length 13.5 inch

28mm handle

Capacity 800lbs



Customer Reviews

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Eric Leppert
Trap bar

Sturdy and well made. Offers two different positions to deadlift for a deeper squat. Excellent product.

brian melvin
Great buy!!!

Excellent quality bar

Much better than expected

A bolted-together CAP bar is available for just a few bucks less (that one comes with warnings from reviewers that the sleeves bend under load!) so I didn't have big expectations for this bar. Was pleasantly surprised- the welds are clean, the knurling (on the aggressive side) good. The sleeves have fine ridges on them, which make getting weights on and off easy- maybe these will wear down over time but I don't think a big deal. The sleeves don't rotate but I don't know that that matters for a trap bar. Plenty of room on the sleeves to get several plates on. The service is great here as well!

Jersey Szapowallo

Very good equipment!


Trap (Hex) Bar - 66 inch (long sleeve)