Lat & Lift Pulley


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Overview: Compatible with any rack with a pull-up bar. Great for the FIO Power Rack, FIO Squat Stand (92 inch) and FIO Folding Rack. 

Types of Workouts:

- Triceps Pull Down
- Lat Pull Down
- Half-Kneeling Face Pull

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Customer Reviews

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Kerri Seers
Smooth and sturdy

Note to those Interested: this kit actually comes with a bar handle (~0.5m long), not just the rope handle as depicted in pictures. There's no need to shop further unless you want a fancier or longer bar.

I do my lats on the same day as an exercise I really struggle with, so when it comes time to strap on the pulley and load up the collar with my plates, it feels like a victory lap to use!

I've been lifting with it for a month now and would only change two small things, but please keep in mind that neither actually gets in the way of use. First, the set screw for the olympic plate adapter doesn't have a terribly great hold because the plate bar itself is sized for carrying one inchers, but also can't be torqued in too hard because the adapter collar itself is plastic. This is only an annoyance for storage and setup as the problem disappears once loaded. I'd also appreciate it if the rubber grips on the supplied bar were a little better (or replaced with knurling on the steel itself) but, for something I didn't know was included in the first place, it isn't really an issue.

All in all, a great addition to a home gym that's a blast to use!