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As working parents of a 4-year-old with busy jobs, plenty of family commitments, after-school activities and just daily maintenance we found some things were taking a back seat.  The pandemic forced us to change our habits and one of the positives to come out of it was our very own fitness space that we could use any time, any day, for however long, and without any waiting. 

Best of all though, we could do it together and we did not have to compromise on anyone's schedule or time together. The wisdom of that decision truly hit us when baby number 2 came along. 

Boy did we find out what busy looked like then!  The 5-am workouts accompanied by the baby monitor on the Amazon Echo screen would have been impossible otherwise.  My wife could sleep and I could work out yet still be there when the baby cried. 

I found myself with less excuses and more reasons to work out.  I found my son inspired and part of my workouts, with his little barbell and colourful plates and 2lbs dumbbells that made him feel like a big boy!  

Did I miss the gym?  Of course, I missed the specialized equipment available for every single purpose, the yoga classes, the spin classes, the inspiring people around me.  But what I have gained in time, memories and a newfound consistency is priceless.

A space for the whole family to move, stretch, lift, run, row, bike, recover and high-five together.  Truly a space filled with love and a space we love.  

That's what we're about as your go-to home gym equipment Canada company!

An investment in yourself, your family, your future,
made once, for life,
with an interaction that leaves you with a smile.