Agility Ladder


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Improve your overall speed and agility with the help of our Agility Ladder. Ideal for athletes looking to improve their footwork or for anyone looking for a cardio alternative, this ladder can become a staple to your fitness routine.

This versatile piece of equipment can be used to target all areas of the body. From performing various footwork movements to using the ladder as a guide for alternating push ups, the Agility Ladder can be used throughout your workout. Plus you can take this ladder on the go for all your outdoor workouts thanks to its compact size!

This product also comes with stakes to secure the ladder, so you don't have to constantly adjust. Just focus on the workout at hand. 

Specs: 18ft length, 12 steps

- Improve speed and agility
- Great form of cardio
- Versatile = exercises using agility ladders can target all areas of the body
- Travel Friendly = can be packed up easily

Types of Workouts:
- Single foot hops
- Lateral steps
- Side shuffles
- Push ups = move your hands along the ladder as you perform push ups

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