Black Zinc Powerlifting Barbell

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Elite Powerlifting Barbell – Unrivaled Grip with Volcanic Knurling

Description: Introducing our Elite Powerlifting Barbell, meticulously crafted to enhance your lifting performance and provide the ultimate grip experience. Featuring a bold black handle and innovative volcanic knurling, this barbell is engineered for serious lifters seeking to push their limits.

Key Features:

  • Black Handle for Sleek Aesthetic: The premium black handle not only provides a sophisticated look but also offers a comfortable grip, ensuring your focus stays on your lift.
  • Volcanic Knurling for Superior Grip: Experience unparalleled control with our unique volcanic knurling, designed to offer exceptional grip without causing unnecessary discomfort to your hands.
  • Built for Powerlifting: This barbell is specifically designed to meet the demands of powerlifting, providing the support and stability needed for heavy lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.
  • Robust Construction: Constructed with high-grade steel, our Elite Powerlifting Barbell is built to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Standard Powerlifting Dimensions: Adhering to powerlifting specifications, this barbell ensures compatibility and optimal performance across various exercises and training routines.
  • Enhances Lifting Technique: The secure grip and stable construction aid in maintaining proper form, allowing you to lift heavier while minimizing the risk of injury.

How to Use: Incorporate our Elite Powerlifting Barbell into your strength training regimen to experience a new level of control and stability. Ensure your hands are securely placed on the black handle, taking full advantage of the volcanic knurling for a superior grip. As with any heavy lifting, maintain proper form and start with a weight that challenges you but allows for control throughout the lift. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and inspecting the barbell, will ensure its longevity and performance.

Elevate your powerlifting game with our Elite Powerlifting Barbell, designed for lifters who demand the best in terms of grip, stability, and performance. Don’t settle for less; choose the barbell that stands up to your strength. Order now and unlock your lifting potential!

- Bar load capacity: 1,500lbs (~680kg)
- PSI Tensile strength: 215K
- Length: 7.2ft (2.2m)
- Weight: 20kg (45lbs) plus or minus 1%
- Shaft diameter: 29mm
- Sleeve diameter: 50mm / 2inches
- Bushings: 4 copper bushing
- Marking: IPF
- Knurling: Aggressive Volcanic knurling
- Finish: black zinc with hard chrome sleeves

Warranty:  1 year from Manufacturer.  Does not include wear and tear. 

Returns: Hassle-free return within 7 days.  If you're not happy, let us know.  We will help to replace or take back the product. 

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David Druska
Excellent barbell

This barbell has excellent volcano (good) knurling. There is also knurling in the middle which is the same as the sides. Feels great to pick up. Looks like it’ll last forever with proper care. Would recommend.