Premium Workout Sandbag

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exerciOverview: Our Premium Multi-Use Sandbag is the ultimate sandbag that can be used for a variety of exercises! Designed with 6 different padded handles, you have the option to decide which grip is most comfortable. This sandbag is ideal for heavy lifts or as an alternative to dumbbells. Available with capacity up to 70lbs or 120lbs.

*Sand not included.
**Recommend using Sakrete play-sand available at Home Depot as the granules hold their size better.

- Weight Capacity: 70lbs or 120lbs
- 6 Padded Handles
- Length: Approx. 32"
- Diameter: Approx. 13"
- Sand NOT included

- Builds strength and conditioning
- Improves stability
- Versatile = can be held multiple ways (bear hug, side handles, etc.) and can be used to replace traditional dumbbells

Types of Workouts:
- Weighted Lunges (Forward, Back, Curtsy, etc.)
- Forward lunge + woodchop
- Hammer curls
- Deadlifts
- Weighted Squats

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