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Are you looking to maximize your commercial or home gym space while ensuring efficient organization of fitness equipment? The Supreme Gym Storage System Posts are a foundational component of an advanced gym storage rack designed to optimize gym space while efficiently organizing fitness equipment . 

These posts serve as the backbone of the storage rack, to which various types of shelves can be attached, allowing for a customizable storage solution tailored to individual needs. With customizable post heights and a variety of shelf options, this gym storage system provides versatility to accommodate different types and quantities of gym gear. 

Here are some benefits of our Supreme Gym Storage System Posts:

Space Efficiency: The storage posts are appropriate for both residential and commercial gym environments because of their compact size and sturdy construction. Ample storage is made possible by the compact design, which takes up little floor space for your commercial space or home gym storage area!

Customization: By adjusting the post height and picking from a range of shelf options, you may customize your storage rack to meet any unique requirements. This customization guarantees that a variety of exercise equipment, including dumbbells, kettlebells, and accessories, can be stored in the system.

Durability: Designed to be resilient, the Supreme Gym Storage System Posts are made to endure the demanding conditions found in gyms. Long-lasting durability is ensured by the sturdy structure and large weight capacity, which also provide secure gym equipment storage.


The Supreme Storage Rack consists of the following.  Please MAKE SURE you have selected a set of posts as well as shelves for your storage rack.

Supreme Storage System Posts: The foundational posts for the storage system where the shelves are attached. The posts are available in different heights to accommodate varying numbers of shelves:

    1. 0.75m (30 inches) posts can fit up to 3 shelves
    2. 50m (60 inches) posts can fit up to 5 shelves
  • Shelf Options: Customers can add three types of shelves to the posts in any combination:

    1. Flat Shelf: Suitable for kettlebells, small items, ropes, and accessories.
    2. Dumbbell Flat Shelf: A flat style shelf with a lip at the bottom, designed to store dumbbells. (rail style shelves with the gap in the middle are not sold anymore)
    3. Dual Rod Shelf: Features dual rods with center spacing, ideal for bumper plates, medicine balls, and slam balls.

You can select the post height and then choose the type and quantity of shelves based on the specifications provided. The customization options allow for a versatile and tailored storage solution to meet individual needs.


Rack Width: 64 inches

Rack depth: 24 inches for base of posts

Post size: 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches

Post hole size: 1/2 inch, 2 inches apart


Shelf Width: 59.8 inches (this is how much space you have to fit your gear)

Shelf Depth

  • Kettlebell shelf: 9 inches  (lip on both ends)
  • Dumbbell shelf: 16 inches (lip on one end only)

 How many dumbbells can I fit on the hex dumbbells shelf?

1 shelf: 5lbs to 30lbs 

2 shelves: 5lbs to 50lbs

5 shelves: 5lbs to 100lbs 

For dumbbells over 50lbs, you can fit 7 individual dumbbells

How many kettlebells can I fit on the kettlebell shelf?

Mark out 2 parallel lines, 9 inches apart with tape.  Place your kettlebells and accessories within those lines and see how long the equipment line measures out to be.  If it's within 59 inches, you just need one shelf.  If it's more, you'll need to add a second shelf.


Can I use the dumbbell shelf for accessories?

Yes.  Remember though, the dumbbell shelf is installed on an angle for easier access.  The shelf also only has a lip on one end, so if your accessories can roll off, stick to the kettlebell shelf. 

Supreme Storage Post: The Ultimate Space-Efficient Solution for Your Fitness Equipment

Maximize your gym space without compromising on storage capacity with our Supreme Storage Post. Engineered for resilience, this heavy-duty storage rack is built to withstand the rigorous demands of both commercial and home gym environments. Its robust construction guarantees a high weight capacity, allowing you to store a wide range of gym equipment securely.

Despite its strength, the Supreme Storage Post boasts a relatively small footprint. At only 24 inches deep at the base, it provides ample storage without taking up excess floor space, making it a perfect fit for any gym setting.

Elevate your equipment organization with our 1.5M taller shelf option, designed to house a complete set of dumbbells from 5lbs to 100lbs. The additional height allows for more equipment storage, helping you keep your space clutter-free.

And as your fitness sanctuary grows, so can your storage system. Our unique expandable design allows you to add extra posts to the sides, seamlessly increasing your storage capacity. With the Supreme Storage Post, you're not just buying a storage solution; you're investing in the flexibility to adapt to your evolving fitness journey.

Embrace the supreme combination of durability, capacity, and space efficiency with our Supreme Storage Post – the smart choice for gym enthusiasts who demand the very best.

Browse through the pictures to see what works. If you can't decide the size and quantity, one of the Fit It Out crew would be happy to help. Just shoot us an email or give us a call. Let's get building!

We ship Canada and US-wide! If you are unsure about shipping, our customer service team will be happy to help you with the checkout process. E-mail to receive a reply within 24-hours


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Stuart Sugar
Gym Quality Storage Rack

I have quite a bit of Fit It Out equipment and, like all of their products the weight rack is well designed and very solid. Holds at least 10 pair of dumbells on the two slanted shelves, and has a flat shelf on top for extra storage. Highly recommended.

Karen Moffatt
Supreme Storage system

Been looking for a long time for a storage unit that would hold all my DB, KB and wall balls. This storage system is very sturdy and well made.

Olaolu Adedayo
Dumbell rack

Superb product !
Superb service !

Gordie Rowsell
Weight Storage rack

Heavy duty, shelves are adjustable, and priced better than competitors, two thumbs up !

Charles Patry

Perfect great Price